We have made plans for keeping everyone as safe as we can.

How FFLC will monitor for Covid-19

  1. By having staff screen themselves at home before coming to work each day, and then do a formal screening on each other when arriving for work using temperatures, a comprehensive symptom checklist, questions about household members illness and diagnosis, and observation for symptoms. (See Staff Screening). 
  2. By checking students and parents or guardians for illness using temperatures, a comprehensive symptom checklist, questions about household members illness and diagnosis, and observation for symptoms at curbside dropoff before entering the building. (See Covid-19 Screening) This screening form will be contactless on the Procare app and the data will be stored there. We will have paper forms and hand sanitizer available in case of problems. 
  3. By observing students and staff for symptoms throughout the day.
  4. By taking temperatures at the school with no touch thermometers when a child acts unwell (unusually tired, warm to the touch when not running around, displaying behaviors that are unusual for that student, coughing or complaining of other covid-19 or influenza symptoms. According to child care licensing fever is a key symptom in children, unlike adults).
  5. By staying up-to-date on staff training so that FFLC staff is aware of current CDC and State of Michigan guidance
  6. By staying-up-to-date on the governor’s orders and the number of cases in Michigan after reopening, preparing for a second wave of cases, and closing again if necessary. 

How FFLC will practice social distancing as developmentally appropriate

  1. By lowering our maximum classroom size to 16 
  2. By seating fewer students at each table.
  3. By spacing play stations or centers far apart from each other when possible
  4. By discontinuing the use of large spaces such as the playscape, and kid’s connection room (the playscape will not be used at all). 
  5. By having children go to classrooms for before & aftercare (no playscape). 
  6. By having children in the same classrooms every day.
  7. By staggering drop off and pick up times to limit adult contact in the building.
  8. To further reduce contact by using curbside drop off.
  9. Reducing the number of people in the building using walk-out pick up at the end of the day for students not using aftercare.
  10. By using the same substitute teachers in a classroom whenever possible.
  11. Eliminating large group special events that involve the school gathering together in a common room. 
  12. By staggering students every other loop on a preschool walking rope for lines (or spacing them apart for older kids).
  13. By limiting the number of students in the restroom.
  14. By setting up free play and centers with activities placed far apart from each other, with accessories in the places we want each child to play, to encourage spacing the best we can.
  15. We will try to have children 3 and up wear masks during the highest risk times: free choice play, dismissal, before care & after care.

How FFLC will ensure hygiene:

Our handwashing policies are the same as prior to Covid-19. All Staff must wash hands:

  1. When arriving for the day
  2. After using the toilet or after helping children in the restroom
  3. Before handling food
  4. After removing gloves
  5. After handling any body fluids, including wiping noses
  6. After coughing or sneezing into them
  7. After using cleaners or bleach
  8. Before & after giving medicine to a child
  9. When soiled

Students must wash hands:

  1. When arriving for the day
  2. After using the toilet
  3. Before eating food
  4. When sick after wiping or blowing nose with tissue
  5. If soiled from recess or a project including use of sandbox
  6. After coughing or sneezing into their hand

Tables are cleaned with soap and disinfectant:

  1. At the start of the day
  2. Before eating
  3. After Eating
  4. When Soiled
  5. When Contaminated with body fluids

How FFLC will ensure Sanitation:

  1. All Shared-Used items, such as but not limited to: play-dough, sand, corn, rice, beans, beads, manipulatives, markers, crayons, scissors, pencils, workbooks, glue, glue sticks and other items will either be individually labelled and isolated for each child, sanitized after each use, or not used this year, depending on the item.
  2. Cloth, textile covered, and porous toys will be removed from classrooms
  3. Only toys that are able to be sanitized will remain in the classroom.
  4. Toys that are used by students will be sanitized daily with Citrus II (EPA approved to kill Covid-19), sanitizing wipes, or freshly prepared bleach (sanitizing solution is not sprayed when children are present). Test strips will be used to ensure the concentration is appropriate.
  5. All surfaces including tables, door knobs, bathrooms & will be sanitized a minimum of three times a day.
  6. Bedding items, including mat sheets, nap blankets and small pillows, will not be brought from home any longer, but will be provided by, and cleaned laundered by FFLC. Children may bring a picture of their family. If your child needs a specific lovery we ask that you buy a new match of it to keep here.
  7. No school supplies from home. Instead of asking for school supplies this year, we ask for a small supply fee and will sanitize the supplies. We will then allocate the needed supplies to each student for the school year.
  8. We will use hospital grade air cleaners in the classrooms during the day. While these HEPA 13 filters cannot remove viruses, they do remove the particles that viruses are transmitted on (dust, skin, droplets).

How FFLC will use safety equipment , PPE

  1. All staff and all adults will wear masks.
  2. Staff uses gloves when screening for drop off (new pair for each arrival), when cleaning up any body fluid, when using a disinfectant, and when screening a child that may be sick.
  3. Glove use will not replace proper handwashing
  4. Children 3 and up will wear masks at the highest risk times. Drop off/pick up, before and after care, Free choice play, and centers. When social distancing is not possible we will use masks instead.

How FFLC will communicate with families about Covid-19 illness or exposures: 

  1. If a child is ill with possible Covid-19 symptoms or has had a positive test, we will have families contact us immediately via our procare parent app. The app is easy to use and available 24 hours a day. Parents should include the child’s name, symptoms, date and time symptoms began. Parents can also call during school hours with this information (734) 398-1432, or send an email to Bethany.FFLC@gmail.com. Email is also always available and does not require the use of a smartphone. The telephone call is accessible to all enrolled parents regardless of internet access.
  2. Families can use the same methods to report symptoms in household members or contacts from the last 14 days.
  3. We also require that families report positive test results of students or household contacts.

How FFLC will determine if a child should be excluded from care:

  1. When screening at drop off or at home indicates the need to self quarantine and watch for symptoms. 
  2. When a child has symptoms that could be Covid-19. 
  3. When they have a positive test for Covid-19.
  4. When the Wayne County Health department or their pediatrician says they should not attend to prevent spreading Covid-19.

How FFLC will keep everyone safe and tend to a sick child if they have possible covid-19 symptoms in school:

  1. When a child is determined to be ill we immediately use our procedures to start calling emergency contacts to come to the school so the child can go home.
  2. The sick child will wear a mask if it is not distressing.
  3. While this is happening, a staff member familiar to the child will take him or her down to the Kid’s Connection Room with his or her nap mat and blanket to rest and wait for the adult to arrive.
  4. The Kid’s Connection Room is on a separate furnace/ ventilation system than the classrooms. This helps protect the other students and staff from exposure during this wait.
  5. Bethany’s office and the unused (licensed) classroom next door is also on a separate furnace than the rest of the classroom’s. If for some reason it doesn’t make sense to go all the way down to the Kid’s Connection room, these rooms are also available.

How FFLC will maintain ratios in the event that a staff member becomes ill:

  1. Family First maintains a pool of several substitute teacher’s assistants, and every August we hire a few more so we have enough people to call when needed. We will call a substitute assistant.
  1. While waiting for the assistant to arrive we have a few options. We have a church staff member who works on the other side of the building who sometimes subs for us. Sometimes she will be able to come down. Other times the director can fill in.
  2. We are not going to fill our classrooms to have as many students as they have had in the past. For example the starfish class is usually 4 and 5 year olds. The ratio required is 1:12. Our class limit is 16 and we staff the room with a teacher and an assistant (1:8). If we were in a big bind, the teacher was ill in the afternoon, and a few students were absent, we could call two friendly parents and see if they could pick up their children early, and we could make ratio. Not an ideal option, but in a worst case scenario, it’s better than combining classes during Covid-19.
  3. We have two classrooms that share ventilation. Those rooms can be combined if there are not many students.

In addition to the required categories above, FFLC will also:

  1. Limit visitors during the day to essential visitors such as state or local inspectors. Tours will be given during off hours or over zoom and visitors must wear masks.