Highly Qualified Teachers: Our CDA credentialed teachers exceed the state standards for early childhood educators. We are continuously educating and growing our entire staff to strengthen our academic standards using developmentally appropriate practice. Studies show that a teacher’s education improves outcomes for students, while experience does not.

Early Phonics and Reading: Early readers outperform their peers in elementary school, have higher attention spans, develop critical thinking skills, a rich vocabulary, and high self esteem.

Low Student-Teacher Ratios: The state of Michigan mandates that the four year olds have a ratio of one adult to 12 children. For three year olds, 1:10. At FFLC our highest ever ratio is 1:9, and it is often 1:8 or 1:7. When possible our director Bethany pulls out students for 1:1 and small group work.

Assessed Developmental Placements: Our classes are divided by academic and social readiness, not age. That means your child is taught at his or her own level and not the average level or where the teacher thinks your child should be. For this reason our classes are mixed ages.

Great Hours: We know driving from Canton to work and getting back home is a traffic nightmare. That’s why we extended our before and aftercare hours last year. We are open from 6:30 AM until 6:30 PM, unlike many traditional centers that are open 7-6. That extra half hour each way saves on late fees and being late to work.

Kindergarten Readiness: Children that have the skills they need for kindergarten are more successful in their academic careers. Give your child the self-esteem that comes with mastering kindergarten easily.

Loving Family First Environment: Our name is Family First for a reason. We want you and your family to succeed. We have heard the horror stories of centers not working with families when something just wasn’t making sense for their family. We are not just a list of policies. We want what is best for you.

Christian School & Values: We welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds here. Jesus loves everyone, we want to love you as He has loved us.

Family Owned: We are not a chain that has corporate made lesson plans and rules and procedures that mean no time with the kids. Family-owned means small, invested in the community, and invested in the employees and kids. We have low staff turn over, and a high desire to succeed.

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