Registration information for Fall 2020 is here!


There are two registration packet downloads below. First is our full day academic preschool program, including our 6:30 am – 6:30 pm & 8:30 am – 3:30 pm option. 

Click Here for the 2020-2021 Full Day Program Information Packet

Next is information for enrolling in our morning and afternoon half day academic preschool program.

Click Here for the Half Day Program Information Packet

To start the enrollment process, fill out the registration form with the registration fee. You can mail in your form, stop by, or use the online registration link below. Turn your phone when using the online form for easier viewing. 

Go to Online Enrollment



We are not accepting enrollment for summer camp at this time. We are currently working to decide an opening date, and if that date is before the start of the regular school year, we will start our school year early, rather than have a shortened summer camp.

Anyone wishing to attend in the month of August should fill out a Fall 2020 registration form.



Fall Enrollment Process:

After you have decided to enroll, either submit an online registration for your child or fill out a paper application form and return it by mail or in person with the nonrefundable application fee. Please note that all students must be 33 months old and fully potty trained by the start of the school year.

Bethany will be returning from Covid leave shortly. By the beginning of July we should be doing assessments for new students and tours for new parents, see below.

You will be contacted to come in for a new student interview and assessment. The director will spend some time with you and your child to assess where we need to help him or her develop. This will help us to determine readiness and class placement.

You will receive the rest of our enrollment forms at this time including our emergency card, health appraisal (physical), and list of items needed before enrollment, including immunization records or a waiver. If you have misplaced those forms they are available here:

Revised 2020-2021 Post Enrollment Paperwork_1

We have several small group meet-your-teacher days/night with students only prior to the start of school see their classrooms and meet their teacher. Parents will have a chance to turn in their paperwork. Parents will learn about how the daily routine will work, how to check on students during the day, as well as some of our rules and procedures on a separate zoom meeting. Parents will also have a chance to meet teachers and the director one-on-one on zoom, and ask questions, too.

After that, make sure tuition is paid by the first day of school and show up! It’s ok to be nervous! You’ll both be pros at this in no time! We will already have trained you on our new screening and drop off procedures, so you will know what to do. With our Procare parent app, you will be able to communicate with us throughout the day, check on your child, and see and see pictures too! We will keep you informed.

View or print our Parent Handbook:

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