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Family First Learning Center in Canton offers an academic preschool program unparalleled in southeast Michigan. What makes us different?

We offer an effective preschool curriculum that teaches children to read using phonics. This program, using materials from Abeka book and our own custom techniques and curriculum, is fun, interactive, developmentally appropriate, and proven. We have been honing and refining it to teach children to read since 2008, and have since added other essential academic skills to help your child excel in kindergarten and beyond.

Early reading gives your child an unmatched advantage in kindergarten. Early readers stay ahead academically of other students, have higher self-esteem, and higher attention spans. These advantages follow them throughout their academic careers.


Our preschool students learn reading through phonics, and enjoy it!

Our preschool students learn reading through phonics, and enjoy it!


Our program also allows for both child-directed and adult-directed activities. Your child will have daily opportunities to explore and learn on his own in addition to being guided by caring and attentive teachers.


Some of the skills we teach our students:

LanguagePhonics, Short & Long Vowels, Blends, Rhyming, Reading Mechanics & Comprehension, American Sign Language
MathDirectional Words & Skills, One-to-One Correspondence, Reasoning, Measurement, Patterns, Shapes, Building & Ratios
ScienceHands on Centers & Projects in the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Earth Sciences.
MusicRhythm, Classical Music Appreciation, Movement
Emotional & Social SkillsSharing, Problem Solving, Dispute Resolution, Emotional Regulation, Impulse Control, Delaying Gratification
Gross Motor DevelopmentSkipping, Jumping, Climbing, Large Muscle Movements. The development of certain gross motor skills has been correlated with the ability to read.
Fine Motor DevelopmentLacing, Tying, Stringing, Snapping. Essential for writing and drawing.
ArtBoth adult and child directed projects, to develop both skills and creativity. Open-ended projects to promote self expression
BibleJesus loves everyone, especially you and your family.



Our Classes:

Unlike other schools, we do not have a 3 year old class, a 4 year old class, and a Young 5's class. Instead, we assess children and place them in a class that best corresponds to their level of development, academic readiness, attention span and ability to respond to adult direction. This produces superior results because the teacher has a class of children that are developmentally similar. All of our students are more than ready for kindergarten when the time comes.
BeginnerSometimes young, may have a short attention span, just learning letters and numbers, physically active, may be a kinesthetic/hands on learner. This is a perfectly acceptable class for all children though kindergarten. Children in this class will still often outperform their peers in kindergarten.
IntermediateCan sit still for longer periods of time, takes more easily to adult direction. May know letters and their sounds plus numbers.
AdvancedKnows letter sounds and numbers. Emotionally and academically ready for a kindergarten level curriculum. A small number of our students each year (10-12) are enrolled in this class. These are usually second or third year FFLC students.


We offer half day, full day, and daycare programs for preschool age children (3 through 5). Schedule a visit today to see for yourself how the program at Family First can benefit your child.

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We also have large group projects and special activities, where different classes work together.

We also have large group projects and special activities, where different classes work together.