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Early Childhood Classroom Ratios Explained

May 03, 2018 Before 2008, the state of Michigan was one of the most unregulated states when it came to early childhood classrooms, birth through age 5. Frankly, it was embarrassing. Practically anyone could open a preschool and teach kids, and it sure Read more

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Sep 01, 2017 Developmentally Appropriate Practice is what separates excellent Early Childhood Educators from average ones. It involves looking at each child and where he or she is on the continuum of child development, and having a plan to take that child to Read more

Behavior is Communication

Feb 10, 2017 Often both parents and teachers of preschool age children can be frustrated and confused by what we see as bad behavior. Our children can seem so reasonable much of the time, and we tend to forget that children are not Read more